Feng Shui divides every property (your home or business) into nine distinct areas:

Wealth, Relationships, Career, Children, Family,
Knowledge, Fame, Health and Helpful People
Feng Shui works on the principle that each different area of your home or business relates to a different facet of your life. When you make changes in specific areas you are positively influencing the corresponding aspects of your life in easy, straightforward ways.
Although each area is separately defined it is important to consider the whole of your property and not just focus on one particular aspect. For example if you were to beautifully decorate one room in your house but ignore the remainder, the shortfalls of the rest of the house would inevitably ‘invade’ that one lovely room.
If your concern is not having enough money to feel comfortable and relaxed then you need to pay attention to your wealth area and also your career, fame, helpful people and potentially your knowledge area.  
Each area should not be taken simply at ‘face value’.  For example the Children Area not only relates to Children but also encompasses what you hold dear to heart, your hobbies, your passions - things that are precious to you, just like children are to their parents.
The Relationship area covers all our one to one relationships.  Our partners are the most important people in our lives, to be loved and cherished is a precious gift. But, if we are not getting on with our boss, or our mum, or our son/daughter then our happiness will be diluted.
The Wealth area is vitally important but should always be balanced with the Health Area.  When we drive ourselves with a single purpose we can neglect ourselves physically and emotionally.
Your home is your springboard to life.  Consider the significance that your parent’s home had on you. Think about how you feel when you go into different people’s homes. Think about how you feel when you go home.  Our surroundings have a fundamental impact on us, but, because we control them, we can change them for the better to help us improve our lives.
During your consultation Sarah will make a study, with you, of your complete environment, explaining the significance of each area of your home or business and the effect that it is currently having upon your life. Sarah will show you how and where to apply Feng Shui cures. Subtle, practical and straightforward solutions will be recommended during your consultation.
Sarah will need all the dates of birth of those living in the home or working at the business.  You are as important as your home and your consultation will include the sister discipline of Feng Shui (9 Star Kiology) which identifies your numbers and element.  
By studying your date of birth Sarah establishes your unique Feng Shui which is essential to your personal consultation. For example if you are a wood person you should not have too metal around you because metal is potentially destructive to wood.  Some people will benefit from the fire energy of red others will find this colour exhausting. Your best sleeping and working positions will be identified with the aim of achieving your ‘Millionaire’s’ position (the best of all worlds; money, love and good health).
If you would like to plan ahead Sarah will also advise you which direction to travel in and when.   Feng Shui can be thought of as having ‘three tiers’: move in the right direction, at the right time, to the right house.  When all three are taken into consideration you have every opportunity to live a good life.
You may also like personal advice on a wide range of matters such as launching new projects, making a career move, getting married, healing family rifts, employing the right people for the job.
If you move into a building in which the previous people became bankrupt or had unhappy relationships, you can find your life following a similar pattern.  We need to make our own footprints and not tread in others, therefore in such instances, Feng Shui is highly recommended.
Private consultation fees start from £240
Travelling expenses (outside London) are charged at £15 per hour plus expenses
Please telephone (020) 7821 0000 or 07788 811 888 (mobile) or email info@fengshuisite.com to make an appointment
About Sarah Shurety
Internationally recognised consultant and acclaimed author of the bestselling titles ‘Quick Feng Shui Cures’ (serialised by the Daily Mail) and ‘Feng Shui for your Home’ (serialised by the Saturday Telegraph).
Sarah is Feng Shui Advisor to Spirit & Destiny and Daily Mail columnist for five years.  She regularly appears in national newspapers, TV, radio and her own QVC show  ‘Feng Shui with Sarah Shurety’.
Her clients include Charlie Dimmock, Jilly Cooper, Anthony Worral-Thompson, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Reuters, Clifford Chance and Christopher Little (J K Rowlings publisher), Mars Confectionery and Center Parcs.

The Ancestor area can hold the key to an easier life as it relates not only to our predecessors but also to people who are in a position of power over us, this might be the landlord, the bank manager, or, especially if you have your own business, your suppliers. Their impact can be small or large, but, with people on your side, life can be more rewarding and less of a struggle.