“ ... after making the changes, work and money really took off. My catering business is going from strength to strength and I can now include such people as Madonna and Guy Ritchie as my regular clients ... '” E Patterson
A gallery in Cork Street reported that after completing the changes recommended by Sarah
“ ... we sold more paintings and made more money in the first two weeks than we had done in the whole of the previous year ... “ E Corbally-Stourton
“ ... our house had been on the market for about two months with no offers at all. Just after Sarah's consultation a lady arrived WITHOUT an agent and asked to see the house. Within days of starting to implement the recommendations, the lady and another buyer competed to buy the property and we sold to that first buyer with a week for our target price ... “ R Chweidan
“ ... after applying Sarah's recommendations my life has completely turned around. My health was poor and now I feel terrific and after having been single for a long time I met a wonderful man who is now my husband, we married on a special date that Sarah recommended that meant a long and happy marriage. I am just so happy ... “ K O'Brien
Gill is no mystic new ager.  She comes across as a down to earth woman, too busy running a central London employment agency to indulge in alternative lifestyles.  When, however, she sits behind her tidy desk, explaining the ancient, oriental art of Feng Shui, her manner is unreservedly enthusiastic and her eyes have the glint of the converted.  Gill read an article about Feng Shui at a time when her husband, who worked from home, was in financial difficulties. A surveyor by trade, he was working as a financial advisor because of the building slump. Gill had a little money put by and instead of paying another mortgage instalment she decided to make an appointment with Sarah Shurety.  “I wanted to do something that would achieve long term benefits”, she says “when Sarah arrived, my husband thought that I had gone mad.  He was pleasant to her but not helpful.  Sarah told us that our money area was the back lobby, and advised us how make it effective”.  Shortly afterwards the company Gill’s husband was working for suddenly laid everyone off.  “It was the last straw.  I had never seen him so low”, says Gill.  “So we swung into action.  We cleared out the lobby, put in lots of plants and crystals because they encourage positive energy.  Fish are terrific for health and wealth,” she says earnestly.  “That very weekend my husband called someone about work on the off chance they may have some ideas and he was given the name of an agency. The next Wednesday he had a contract.” “That was last summer and he hasn’t looked back” Gill smiles.
Saturday Telegraph
Greg Horton, 37, is a partner in an advertising and design business in London. Last year, Greg asked The Feng Shui Company to assess his office and he is astounded by the results. He says: “Feng Shui has really revved up business for us.  When we launched the Horton Perrotta Company three years ago, things were good.  But business started drying up and we couldn’t work out why.  My girlfriend, Toni, the company’s manager had read articles about Feng Shui and suggested we try a consultation. Sarah told us that the office entrance was in our career area and that it was vital to have a clear thoroughfare to usher in business.  She suggested we put up a mirror opposite the entrance to attract chi and bring new projects.   Sarah told us to put a fish tank in our wealth area and to move our computers.  The result was amazing, even for a sceptic like me!  Whereas before we’d spent a lot of our energy chasing clients, now people are knocking on our door”.
Daily Mail
Actor Andrew Readman, and his wife Jude, a former TV producer, have been married for four years and live in Middlesex. When they moved house last October, they asked Sarah Shurety for advice about strengthening their marriage. Andrew says: “Jude and I have always had a very happy relationship, but our work had made us so busy that we were beginning to drift apart. Ever since we had been in this house we didn’t seem to even have time to go out for dinner together.  Sarah said the relationship corner of our house was a passageway which the previous owners (who divorced) blocked up. You should never block doors or windows in Feng Shui as it means something in your life is blocked. Sarah recommended opening it up again, using pink plants, lights, a table, two chairs and a statue of two specific animals. Now friends say they’ve never seen us so happy. It’s incredible the difference Feng Shui has made”.
Daily Mail